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Best for: Men who need another perspective. A book for women about male disinterest might not be first among your chosen books on love. But its good to …

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The next best thing to a personal life coach, self-help books for men (and women) will steer you through the toughest of times. Whether you’re struggling with depression or anxiety, pursuing a new career, or navigating the crazy world of modern love, these best-sellers make for veritable how-to-guides and confidence boosters alike.

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Best book for: Upping your sex game. David Deida is one of the most fascinating sex and relationship practitioners around and I would consider The Enlightened Sex Manual one of the best books on sex and a must-read for all men. Within, Deida talks about how true enlightenment comes from great sex, and vice versa. If you like what you’ve read

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7 Best Relationship Advice Books for Men

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best dating books for men

Best books to read, from Man Booker Prize winners to drunken poets. GQ brings you a definitive list of books no one should be without. Fashion Culture Grooming Watches GQ Hype Lifestyle Men

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best dating books for men

The Joy of Sex is the most famous book on the subject of sex (well, after the Kama Sutra). It was originally published in 1972 and was revolutionary at the time. Unsurprisingly, some parts of the original book are dated in 2020.

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Best Books For Men About Life and Love 6. The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli. Despite going to college for 4 years for business, reading scores of business journal subscriptions and being an avid reader of HBR (Harvard Business Review) papers, the best advice I’ve ever received came from my mother. She said, “if you can learn from your own mistakes, good; if you can learn …

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Personally, I think any list of books that men “should” read is fatally flawed when almost all of them were written by white, male authors (Flannery O’Connor got a nod, but then again, there’s a chance the list’s author thought “Flannery” was a guy). I suppose it’s a good strategy if you want to open a book and go, “Hey, this sounds kind of like how I think. I can feel my min

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Your list of books to read is way too long, and you barely have time to read anyway—but trust us, and start with these books every man should read. Open side menu button. Skip to content. News; Health ; Smarter Living; Culture ; Relationships ; Travel ; Style ; Coronavirus; Get the newsletter Culture. 40 Books Every Man Over 40 Should Have on His Bookshelf. No library …

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So, I wanted to give you MY top 10 list of GREAT dating books for men. Some of these deal with dating, seduction and pick-up, while others focus on fashion, sex, or spirituality. Here’s the list…enjoy! (NOTE: This is revised as of April, 2015) 10) The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich by Tim Ferriss. It might seem odd that I include this on the list here

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The best book on honor — bar none. Barton masterfully explores how honor shaped the lives of ancient Rome from the early days of the Republic and all the way through the fall of the empire. She shows how small, intimate groups are vital for honor to survive and how imperialism kills it. This book is a hard read, but it’s well worth the

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Best dating books for men

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